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Utah Among Top States in Commercial Real Estate Construction

May 29

The Deseret News recently published an article relating to commercial real estate construction spending.  I found it interesting and insightful into the economic climate of the state and how it may relate to a commercial real estate investor.  Please click the following link to view the article.  My comments and summary of the article are following the link.

A recent study found that Utah ranks 6th in the country based on a study of commercial real estate spending across several categories.  There are several factors affecting Utah ranking among the best in the country.  Such as:

  • An influx of businesses from California that are choosing to relocate to Utah because of lower costs
  • The young educated workforce is attracting new companies to the state
  • The prudent development community in the state has not overbuilt to the extent of many other states which allows for new construction to start earlier as the economy rebounds

The article is worth reading as it relates to understanding the economic climate in the state and how it relates to commercial real estate investments.